Why I do what I do: The human body is an amazing creation by God; perfectly designed to function in harmony from head to toe. Recreating the likeness of what God gave us is a privilege, and studying the form and function of mastication is fascinating. Dental technology is a combination of art and science unlike any other career. 


Dental Esthetics was established in 1991 by Miriam Olsen as a crown & bridge laboratory in the Mid-Michigan area. How do you get consistent quality out of your lab? Simply with one lab tech, start to finish. As a small-scale lab, form, function and tooth morphology receives personal attention for optimal customer service.

Good rapport with the doctor is the key for a successful outcome and every case is cared for with high standards! One of Miriam's strengths is matching challenging shades and mimicking characterizations. Not a single shade matches your patient? With the vast amount of porcelain modifiers available combined with artistic talent, custom shades are successfully created. Appointments are available to meet with patients in the evening or on weekends if necessary, and to discuss complex cases or any concerns you may have.

High quality materials and technics remain consistent with each and every case. No shortcuts are ever made and manufacture’s directions are always followed for all steps involved! For more information use the contact form,  call Miriam: 517-980-5547 or email: miriam@michiganlabtech.com


Gratification comes from a smiling patient! Miriam loves her work!


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Dental Esthetics is a Christian based, Michigan based dental lab